Take more risks and projects – through projects, be connected to people and learn

  • All we need is 1 doctor and 1 hospital to test ideas
  • Take a risk, challenge, and learn from failures

Go to fields and learn: (think actions at all levels - from field to the headquarters)  

  • Observe cases and sales activities
  • Understand their day-to-day activities and incorporate them into planning “What sales should say?” 
  • Go to conferences and learn conference management
  • How U.S. team train and motivate people? Learn from sales managers’ perspectives

Read more, and learn more. Keep learning.

Develop capabilities

  • Brush up analytical thinking, strategic thinking, and warm heart
  • Sales and marketing: being able to sell products and personality to KOL and colleagues
  • People principles – how to recruit, develop, train people

Care about people. Believe in people’s growth: If you want to grow for 10 years, develop people

7 Leadership rules

  1. Risk taking
  2. Innovation - positive dissatisfaction
  3. Garbage can mentality - desire to keep learning
  4. People connect - success depends on people
  5. Servant leadership
  6. Collaboration and influence - e.g. empowerment 
  7. Decentralization - decision should be made at the bottom of pyramid 




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